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Here is an update for Gold containing three important turning dates . It appears we could be repeating the same pattern that played out in 2012 which would run out a 10 year Cycle . Top came in on the 29th Feb 2012 moving down 14.5% into into the 15th May Low which is in line with the current Forecast that projects Low into the 30th May 2022 which would run out 82 days peak to trough which is a similar time period to the 10 year Cycle . From here trend could be up till the the 13th June and then down into the 23rd June which is also a similar pattern that played out in 2012 . At the moment it would be advisable to wait for the 30th May to draw closer and as we approach this date we should be able to confirm if this date is going to setup for Low judging by how the market is moving into this point . It is important to be patient and wait for these dates to draw closer and by knowing where these points are in advance we will be ready to act on them once we receive a clear signal . As outlined in the chart below there are two different scenarios that could unfold if we get Low into the 30th May so I will present these in the diagram below with some notes . As we draw closer to the 30th May I will calculate some prices .

Two scenarios presented below - if we continue to move down into the 30th May we could either be up till the 13th June or the 23rd Jun so my first objective is to monitor how price is moving into this date and if we get Low a time based stop should be placed under the 30th May Low providing this outcome occurs and the first signpost is the 13th June so I will provide an update as we move into this date and examine the position of the market but please wait for the 30th May to roll around and then we can qualify whether we are setting up for Low or High . You will notice there are a few additional dates provided so we will keep these noted as future reference points .

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Looks like we might be setting up for a 30 May high, instead of low.

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Yes the 30th May looks like it is going to setup as High instead of Low. . I have calculated a few upside targets and will update the gold post soon



could you clarify please, if top the 30 may we could enter in a 10 years bear market ? if we bottom on 30 may we could enter in a 10 years bull market ?


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At this point it looks like a Low but as outlined in the post we will just wait a short while to see how it sets up and then we can take action once clear direction is given

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