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Are you viewing this material for free ?

Thankyou to all the paid subscribers of recent weeks your support is appreciated but it has come to my attention that there may be past subscribers or members of the public that are able to view and read my material including my recent Forecasts for free. This work takes considerable to time to put together as there is quite a lot of detail and research that is behind each post so if people are accessing this material for free I might as well can the website issue everyone with a refund and close it down. As mentioned previously there are only around 8 active subscribers and my recent pots have been viewed in excess of 60 times.

In order to make this a sustainable project and keep the website open I will need to increase the base hopefully gradually over time in order to make it viable. We will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible but in the meantime I wont be posting anything for a few days until this issue has been rectified. So if you are freeloading and accessing this material for free whilst others are paying for it that is not fair and a form of usury so I will refrain from posting for a few days until its cleared up. Also another gripe I have is on twitter I have quite a good base of followers and I have been very generous in presenting charts and outlining some Cycle dates to watch yet very few if any are prepared to pay even a modest fee to receive access to this information. I understand it is a free platform and on a regular basis I receive queries especially from abroad enquiring about Courses and teaching of this material yet they quibble about the price and they are not even prepared to fork out for a monthly subscription which would enhance their studies and provide them with a good foundation of knowledge to build on. Any genuine Student would appreciate and understand the worth of knowledge in this area so if they keep their hands in their pocket yet they are asking and expecting something in return this will be short lived so if you are freeloading just remember everyone else is going to affected by your actions.

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