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12th May Tesla Low

Updated: May 13, 2022

Here is the Chart outlining some ranges and price calculations - the three targets to watch are 725 716 and * 710 so keep a close eye on these zones and check the 30 minute chart to see if we are holding above these levels and volume is increasing . Whether you decide to buy three month call options or another similar instrument ensure that you have a time based stop in place under the 12th May Low as price will have to hold above that point to confirm the Cycle Low .

Here is the Curve for TSLA . At present I would just concentrate on the 12th May setting up as Low and if we hold above this point we could use a 30 or 60 minute chart to confirm that target - the important price zones are listed and also the upside targets so if 12th May turns out to be Low and price starts moving up I will complete some detailed price analysis targeting upside price levels - the following dates listed on the Curve could turn out to be either tops or bottoms so as we approach these dates we will assess the position of the market which will clarify our expectation of top or bottom so for now just manage your positions off the 12th May low .

By studying past Market movements we are able to get a line on what to expect in the future . History repeats in the lives of Men and also in Financial Markets . Gann states that every movement in the Market is the result of a Natural Law and of a Cause which exists long before the Effect takes place and can be determined years in advance. The future is but a repetition of the past as the Bible plainly states . Here is a recent Forecast I completed for Tesla including bar chart and price Curve extending out towards the end of June containing four turning dates and other important price levels .


On the 26th January 2021 Tesla made top at 900 and ran down to the 6th March 539 low a move of 360 points in 39 days or a rate of 9.25 points per day. From here price moved up 241 points in the same time period as the previous swing down a rate of 6.17 points per day . The first range down was a full circle in price and it is also interesting to note the upswing was 241 points or 2/3rd of the circle . Quite often ranges will balance against the divisions of the circle such as 90 120 and 180 which are important price points especially if these ranges align with important Time Cycles. From the 14th April counter trend top price ran down 234 points in 35 days which closely balances against the time period of the previous swing down measuring 39 days . By comparing the price amplitude and time period of prior swings within the trend structure we are able to compare this data against the current position of the market and look for repeating patterns - this is what Gann referred to as form reading which is a very important foundation skill required to correctly interpret market structure . If we compare these measurements to the current trend structure we can see some similarities . Firstly the the move up from the 25th Feb 700 low up till the 1152 5th April top measures 452 points in 39 days a gain of 64% compared to the previous percentage increase of 44% so by comparing these two percentage increases we can see that the second range up overbalanced price but the time periods for both swings were balanced exactly at 39 calendar days from trough to peak . In 2021 there was a higher low on the 19th May at 546 which was 35 days down from the 14th April Top a decline of 234 points and from that point Tesla began the Bull campaign with Top culminating on the 5th November at 1243.

Currently we are down around 563 points from the 1243 High or about 45% compared against the previous drop into 539 6th March 2021 Low which measured 40% so we have exceeded that price swing in terms of percentage decrease . In the recent structure there are three important swings down - the first is from the 5th Nov 1243 Top which is 357 points down in 47 days moving at a rate of 7.5 points per day - the second swing down is from the 5th Jan 1208 Top which is 508 points down in 57 days moving at a rate of 8.9 points per day - then the current swing down from the 5th April Top which is presently 472 points down and 37 days in time up o the current date which is moving down at a rate of 12.75 points per day. By studying these ranges we can see the largest decline was 508 points and we are presently down 472 points so we have not balanced against that particular range at the present time - the first range down was 357 points which we have exceeded so these measurements can assist us in determining the potential amplitude of future price swings in conjunction with other factors but the main consideration is Time and when sufficient Time has expired and the Cycle is complete both space and volume should increase causing either Top or Bottom in the market .

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