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If price continues to move higher we could be Top into either Friday 26th or Monday 29th August which interconnects with three other time points so this will be a very important period to watch for Top . This date is approx 120 Deg out from the 21st April Top and 72 Deg out from the 17th June Low so we have two fixed Cycles of harmonic proportion converging into this date. If the 26 - 29th August does setup as Top in line with Curve we could be down to either the 9th September for an 11 day move or down to the 19th September which looks like a very strong possibility as setting up as main Low in line with previous Cycles . Previous swings suggest a decline of around 10% minimum so it could present a good opportunity to buy a three month put option as long as we setup for Top into these dates and them a time based stop could be setup just above the 29th August Top so we could be in the position for around 11 days where first Low is indicated so if we do setup into the 29th August Top we can see how price reacts and begins to move down and compare the pitch of trend and time periods against previous Cycles. If we do get Low into the 19th September we will be running out a 90 Deg Cycle from the 17th June Top . From here the next Top is indicated for the 15th October.

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