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Apple 4-5th Apr

Waiting for this date to come in and how it sets up into that point then we can trade out of it in the prevailing direction of the market. More analysis is coming.

  • The first date to watch is Apr 4-5th so I am keen to see how price moves into this point . At the moment the market is in a small consolidation band so my strategy is to wait and see if we move higher and start to form a counter trend high pattern into the target date. Sometimes we have to be patient and wait for price to move into the Cycle point and then " trade out of It " once the position of the market confirms our setup. The charts below provide some price target zones to monitor if we do move up and make counter trend Top. Past corrections were quite significant so there is the potential for a decent move down in a reasonable amount of time. The second date to watch is Apr 22-24th which lines up against multiple time counts both in calendar and trading days and is exactly 180 Deg in time from the Major Low Oct 27th 2023 so with all of these time counts aligning into Apr 22-24th that could mark a significant reversal point most likely a Low but the main emphasis at present is to determine how the first date is setting up and if it does setup in counter trend Top there is a chance we could see a two week move down into the 180 Deg point. Below I have presented two Curves containing a few dates so lets see how we move into Apr 4-5th next week and what Curve we appear to be running against. 

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