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The first thing of interest with BTC is the large decline from the 10th November Top at 68789 . Gann often used percentages of Highs and Lows to gauge the position and strength of a market . 50% of the Top price = 34395 which aligns very closely with the 24th January spike Low . Price seems to be consolidating above this important halfway point an indication of strength at the moment .

Looking at the previous down move from the 14th April 2021 Top we declined 35970 points into the 22 June 2021 spike Low and if we compare this leg down with the recent swing down from the 10th November 2021 we can see that both swings are fairly well balanced in terms of price with the current move down into the 24th January spike Low measuring 35605 which balances price and also corresponds with 50% of the Top price so we have two strong factors identifying this as a significant zone .

In the next Chart labelled BTC Notes I have deconstructed the recent swings labelling price and time data which will assist us in our calculations . The swing down from the 10th Feb 45661 Top was 11202 points in 14 days and as a projection tool we can project that amount down from the 28th March Top at 48086 which would equal 36884 and at this point price would be balanced against the previous range . Please bear in mind these are only price projections to monitor and as price moves into our target date sometimes there will be a correspondence between these points so they are worth writing down in your price tables as future reference points . I have also outlined all of the midpoint calculations which should also be kept in the BTC file and used as future reference points . Notice that 1/2 of the high price = 34395 which corresponds very closely with the the 25th Feb spike low.

Chart No 2 is the BTC Curve which outlines Minor and Major potential turning dates to monitor . Please be aware that these dates outlined on the chart could either turn out to be Tops or Bottoms so I will outline a strategy on how to use the dates to create different trading scenarios . The two strongest dates are the 5th May and 17th May which should present strong opportunities . The intermediate dates are the 27th April and 11th May .

At this point in time it is difficult to determine whether the market will drop into the 20th April or the 27th April which are Minor dates but I have included them anyway . If the market does drop into the 20th April as outlined I would place a time based stop below this point which means that if the Low of this date is broken and we move lower close the trade for a predefined loss and then await the next signal due on the 27th April . Personally I would wait for the larger more well defined dates to present themselves such as the 5th and 17th of May and as we approach those dates we will be in a clearer position to determine whether market is setting up as top or bottom . You will make more money and preserve your capital by waiting for the larger more well defined swings to present themselves and quite often the swings caused as a result of the higher magnitude Cycles are longer in duration and larger in terms of price amplitude so I would await these two dates and let the market confirm its position as to whether it is setting up for Top or Bottom .

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20 avr. 2022

Hi Grant..Thanks for your analysis..I do my own analysis based on Astrology and other tools.I see the turn dates...and they make sense..Just trying to understand your system a bit.Can it be possible that 11th May could be a sort of a top and then we go down....Then could have a sort of a bounce till 17th..and actually turn down..Basically a counter trend based on how things go..

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