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The two important dates to watch are the 5th May which is an intermediate Cycle and the 18th May which is a Major Cycle . A this point it looks like the main trend could continue down into either one of these dates so I have presented two Curves outlining two different scenarios that could unfold . The 5th May is an important date for several reasons which I will outline . On the Square of Nine the 5th May is 45 Deg which is an important Seasonal Time period where important changes in trend can often occur . We are also running out a 45 week low to low Cycle from the June 2021 Major Low which is also a strong indication that there could be a significant shift around this point . The 8th May is also 180 Deg in longitude or opposite the 10th November 2021 Major Top which is also very close to our target date of 5th May so with the convergence of two major Cycles aligning into this point and some other minor time counts there is a strong possibility that we could see Low on this date so I have prepared two Curves outlining the projected direction of the market . The previous swing down into the 22nd June 2021 was only 69 days in time compared to the current move down from the 10th November Top which is approx 178 days if we use 5th May as a target.

There are two Curves presented Curve No 1 projects the main trend down into the 5th May where Main Low is indicated then up to the 18th May for Top . Curve No 2 projects the trend down into Main Low for the 18th May so by using these two important dates we have an outline of what to expect and as we move into the 5th May a few days beforehand we should have a clear indication as to whether we are setting up for Low or a counter trend top move so my advice would be to wait for this date to approach and then a few days beforehand we should be able to determine if the 5th May is setting up for a Low in line with our other calculations . The second possibility is that the 18th April could be low so wait for the 5th May to approach and this will provide us with a leading indication as to the direction of the trend and should present a good trading opportunity for those patient enough to wait for that date to come in as it should be an intermediate reversal point in the market . There are also two minor Cycles that will be handy to monitor and these are the 27th April and the11th May but these are only minor points but should still provide us with directional indication and the 11th May may provide us with a short term trading opportunity as long as it is in the prevailing direction of the trend but the main focus should be on the 5th May and 18th which should mark significant turning points .

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Apr 27, 2022

Thanks Grant for your analysis..Any idea on the next date after 18 may..I try to do some analysis on was wondering what is the date

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