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Bitcoin update :

We seem to repeating a similar pattern from 2021 where Low was reached in late May running up 26 days into mid June then down to late June for Major Low . The current 12th May Low has to hold in place and if we continue to move higher from this point we could be up till the 7th June or 15th June so as we are leading into the 7th June we will assess the position of the market and if we are making higher highs into this point and the pitch of trend is increasing we could look to take some profits and await the next signal . If the 7th June is not an indicating bar that doesnt provide us with a signal we could just watch and if we trade higher than this point we could be up till the 15th June so the 7th June will be our first signpost and then we can determine the position of the market from this point . The second scenario is the 18th May which is an important Cycle so there is possibility that we could break 12th May Low and spike down into this point so I that will be an important date to monitor if it sets up . The chart below has an upside projection based on the amplitude of the previous price swing which could be a handy gauge if we run up into the Cycle date .

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