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Bitcoin update :

there are two Curves presented . If trend continues down and we get Main Low into the 7th June trend could continue up into the 15th June so if this situation plays out and we get a one week rally off the Low it could constitute a good point to take profits if this scenario plays out . June 22nd is also a strong date and is indicated as Low on Curve No 1 then up till the 5th Jul so at this point I would be concentrating on trend moving down into the 7th June and looking for important price levels to balance against the Cycle and then trend should either run up till the 15th June which is a strong possibility or up till the 22nd June as outlined in Curve 2 . These dates are like an important intersection in the market and as we approach them we should be able to determine if we are setting up for Top or Bottom . It is important not to try and get ahead of the market but wait for these time signals to come in and the moves are usually stronger coming off from these points so it definitely pays to wait.

Usually I will have two or three Cycle dates per month depending upon the position of the market and what Cycle we are repeating so by waiting for a clear indication to enter the market at the correct time we will have less trades maybe 25 per year but they should be quite substantial in price amplitude and duration .

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