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The Curve below may require you to zoom in a bit for a better view . The 15th July is a key Cycle date to watch with the convergence of one primary and one intermediate Cycle into this date so there is a good chance that if we continue down into this point we could be Low so it is advised to wait another week or so and see if price is moving in line with the Curve . From the 15th July main trend could be up till around the 16th September which is in line with advance into the 6th Sept 2021 Top . This is the first part of the analysis that provides a framework around the two main dates being the 15th July and the 16th September so over the next few days I will try to calculate the intermediate turning points within the main swing and work out some important price zones to monitor . Notice the upswing into the 6th Sept 2021 was around 84% so I am using this amplitude as a template only but it could be a handy comparative guide if we start moving up off the 15th July projected Low.

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