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Crude Oil 11th Aug

Here are some Notes and calculations on Crude . I am in the process of getting my old Gann Trader programme set up which has taken a little more time than expected so hopefully this will be completed in the next week or so and then I will begin posting some more detailed analysis including price and range Squares depending upon the instrument under review . Crude Oil has ran down and breached the 14th July Low which held for a few weeks but did not run up as long and as strongly as initially anticipated . The next key date to watch is the 11th August which looks to be setting up as Low so if price continues to move down into this point we will be looking for a reversal around this date . Price is also trading below the 92.00 April 2022 Low with a small one day pullback to this level on the 9th August ( a retest ) so it is clear that two key support levels have been broken in the last few days - April 2022 and 14th July 2022 so keep an eye on price over the next two sessions and watch if we make a low into the 11th August and stabilize . The Notes outline three different Cycles with the first low coming in on the 3rd Aug 2016 which runs out a five year Cycle - the run down in this particular swing was 56 days and a decline of 24.16% which is very close to the current time period running into the projected 10th August 2022 Low - these two time periods balance providing a strong indication of Low occurring on the cycle date . The second swing into the 23Aug 2021 Low ran down 48 days a decline of 19.80% so this time period is shorter than the current 58 day projection . The we have the third swing down making Low on the 16th Aug 2018 a decline of 14.41% in 44 days so judging by these three swings August is a strong Seasonal date for Lows. The second set of Notes outline some time calculations from different points - The 11th August 2022 is 120 weeks out from the 2020 April Major Low - and just over 120 Deg in time from the 11th April 2022 Low so we have an intermediate and primary Cycle converging into the 11th Aug so be on the lookout for a shift of sentiment leading into this point .

The next two swings are quite interesting in comparison . The first swing ran down into the 11th April 2022 a decline of 37.57 points in 35 days or a decline of 28.79%

If we compare these figures against the recent swing down into the projected 11th aug Low we can see that the time component is different at 58 and 35 days with the recent swing running out a longer period of time . The current percentage swing measured down to the 87.01 low is 29.65% which exceeds the previous 28.79% swing by around 3/4 of 1% so the two swings are fairly well balanced in price amplitude . If we project the 37.57 point range of the previous swing down we get a potential target of 86.11 which will balance against the price decline of the previous range .

Over the last few weeks I have issued quite a lot of refunds as I will probably be posting two to three times a week and just covering two to three instruments such as Crude Oil - SP500 - and a few Bank and Resource Stocks due to work commitments as outlined in my previous Letter so if you are still happy with the service continuing on this basis you may wish to reconsider payments to make this service viable otherwise if there are no funds coming in I will seek to wind it up . Each Forecast can take up to three to four hours to prepare depending upon what Charts and tables are required to analyse that particular instrument so it is obviously quite difficult to track seven or eight markets simultaneously with the expectation of predicting every minor weekly swing and price point . It is rare to find a service that will provide and list dates and turning points in the market let alone presenting Market Curves on the projected direction and amplitude of trend - these services are but a few and are cost several hundred if not more per month so I am trying to keep this service at a very affordable level to make it accessible to genuine Students and Investors who are interested in WD Gann and Cycle theory as applied to the Financial Markets . Covering eight or nine different markets simultaneously will reduce the quality and precision of my work so I think it is a better decision to just concentrate on two or three Indexes as I can devote a high level of detail and service to those Clients interested in the SP500 - Crude - Gold and maybe something else . So I will see how thigs pan out over the next month or so and make a decision as to wind the site up and concentrate on other areas if it is not viable or just keep going on a limited basis . Thanks for your support and interest .

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