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Crude Oil

appears to be creeping up into the target date for potential counter trend Top . The last three upswings which are outlined on the chart have a similar price pitch. Notice that each Top is associated with a blow off formation that appears to be a characteristic of Crude Oil as it terminates into the Cycle dates . If you look closely at each single candle associated with Top you can see the percentage increase of each bar - they measure 4.9% 5.7% 6.0% so from the current position we could have a potential advance up to around the 85.00 level which would balance against the amplitude of the three previous candles . As outlined in the Notes below we will have to take out the recent Top at 81.18 to qualify the Cycle even if marginally. The projection is for counter trend Top into the 3rd Jan and if that scenario plays out we could be down into the 16th Jan where Low is indicated so that will be the first section that we are concentrating on . Pay close attention to the price action leading into the 3rd Jan as we could gap up into a type of blow off Top or have a strong increase up from current levels . That will be a strong signal as we culminate into the first Cycle date . So if we get Top we could have around two weeks of downside leading into the 15th Jan so once that 3rd Jan point is established and it is clear we are beginning to move down I should be able to calculate one Minor turning point within that time period or at least gauge the possible extent of the ensuing down move but most importantly we need to be able to position ourselves short off this point so for those using intraday charts you could look for any price weakness on a 30 minute chart and mark the important price zones on your chart . but be aware we could have some decent downside coming off this Cycle so dont be to eager to jump out of your positions for the sake of a few pennies gained .

The diagram below is an update of the previous presentation so it would worth examining the downswings contained within the current structure to gauge the duration and amplitude of the price move into the 16th Jan projected Low. It is 13 days into the 16th Jan projected Low which balances most closely against the 16 day time period into the 14th Jul low and it is also interesting to note that the 16th Jan is approx 90 and 180 Deg out from previous

lows but the Fixed Cycles are a few days out in that regard however they will give us some directional clarification if we move down into the 16th and make Low.

A price of 78.00 is Square or 90 Deg from the Low and 180 Deg = 87.25 which is a little out of range at the moment but still mark these key levels on your price chart just in case . They are


85.00 - 86.00

This is the main Cycle - we got our little 28th Dec pullback point so we should be up into the 3rd Jan Top .

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crude fall happened little earlier but I think the trend is down until 16.01, any update would be helpful🙏🙏🙏


Heya grant, using this as sample, I entered short on 3rd, next target low is 16th jan

So what happens in between the cycles? What needs to happen to invalidate the 16th jan date?

Not sure if i should monitor price everyday, or just set an alarm on 15th jan getting ready to close the trade.



Jan 04, 2023

Amazing! It's quite rapid so bounce maybe due I guess? any update would be appreciated. Spot on again!


Archana Vohra
Archana Vohra
Jan 03, 2023

I've read gold and silver will do well. Please share your thoughts if possible 🙏

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