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Crude Oil Price calculations

On the page below I have deconstructed the three recent downswings within the main trend structure in terms of time and price data and applied these figures to the current 109.81 Top as outlined in the notes below . The first price projection analysis uses just price as a measuring tool and the second set of calculations applies the percentage decrease to the current 18th April Top and projects to the downside so through this process we may be able to determine some important price levels and see if these points link in with other mathematical factors in reaching strong price targets .

By subtracting price from the 109.81 Top we get two targets

72.84 and 86.10

By subtracting the percentage decrease from the 109.81 Top we get

78.71 and 87.49

One Square down from the 130.50 Top = 108.61

Two Squares down from the 130.50 Top = 88.77

1/2 Square down from the 109.81 Top = 89.76 this will be the first important target zone to watch and is below the recent Lows so I would pay very close attention to this point and see how the market is moving down into it . the second price target to watch 86.10 which would balance the previous swing in price so at the moment I would be just observing these two close range points and note them down in the diary as reference points .

Also note the similarity between the time periods and our Minor trend dates as outlined in the second Curve . Notice the first swing in diagram A ran down 8 days if we project 8 days down from the 18th April it lines up fairly closely with our 28th April Target date . Study the notes and calculations carefully and write them down in a diary for future reference .

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