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Crude Oil Update :

Here are some additional Notes in relation to the main Forecast below .

Keep an eye on the 15th Nov which could turn out to be counter trend top if price continues to move up into this point - we will need to trade above 90.10 to qualify as Minor Top and if this scenario plays out we could be down into the 21st Nov where main Low is indicated which would give us just under a week in this position . 90.70 is an important price level to watch so you could observe this level on a 60 minute chart to see if we are holding below this zone and in a position to go lower . If we do get minor Top on the 15th Nov there are some price targets outlined below that should be noted and you could mark these levels on your chart as reference points as we move into the Cycle dates .

75 1/5 is 180 Deg in longitude from the Top

And as outlined in the main post 78.46 and 76.18 are also two points to watch as they balance out previous ranges . If these points are taken out as trend begins to move lower it will be a sign of weakness but the most important consideration is the Time Factor so it will be important to observe how price is moving into the

target date and the amplitude of that price movement in relation to previous swings .

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