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Crude Oil update

Hello here is a small review from yesterday. From now on I will post all updates at the Top of the page as they have a tendency to get missed when I just incorporate them into the old posts .

Looks like we could have a little pullback into the 28-29th Jan in line with the Curve but please be aware that this could only be a short term trading opportunity with trend projected up into the 3rd Jan Top which should produce quite a strong reversal. The Notes below show the run up into the 15th Dec Minor Top which was a 7.69% advance off the base which balances against the second upswing of 7.85% so these two swings are in harmony. Currently we are off around 5.4% which is just under the previous decline so there is a chance that we could balance against this range which would take us down to around 76.56 so that would be an important price zone to monitor . Also notice the reduction in volume into the 16th Dec Low which balances against the current volume mass into the 28-29th Dec so a good chance for a Minor Low and a quick move up into the 7th Jan so if you decide to trade this micro move it would be wise to even exit a day earlier if we get a strong move up towards the 3rd Jan. The two important price levels to monitor below the current swing are 75.50 and 75.40 so we could mark these points on the 60 minute chart and look for a selloff into these points.

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Unknown member
Dec 30, 2022


you first write "projected up into the 3rd Jan Top which should produce quite a strong reversal." then "a quick move up into the 7th ".. When do you think the top will be? I do not understand, if the 3rd or the 7th

Thank you

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