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The three key dates to watch are Jun 21st - Jul 1st - Jul 18th. At the moment price is sitting on the first date so I am going to wait another day or two to see if Jun 21st holds and we begin to stabilize above this point or if we break below it on the downside. There are two Curves presented below that work around this date which is why it would be prudent to wait another day or two for confirmation. I believe the most likely outcome is that we will trade lower and breach Jun 21st 90 Deg point and if this occurs we could be down till Jul 1st where the second target date is indicated so if this move transpires it would give us around a week of short exposure before the next Cycle date comes in. The second scenario is that we hold Jun 21st and begin to move higher in which case we would also watch Jul 1st which could present as Top and by knowing these points in advance we can protect any profits leading into these points and also use the dates for stop placement another important function that should keep us safe and minimize losses. So be patient and wait another two days to see how Jun 21st is playing out as this is an important point and then we can organize our trading plan around either one of the Curves once we have confirmation of this point.

Another interesting observation I made was two matching time periods one major and one intermediate into Jul 18th with both of these time measurements balancing against past periods an important factor for gauging the duration of trends. Many people write to me asking about courses or tuition on the Square of Nine but they are missing the point entirely as they have not developed a sound foundation in pattern or form reading as Gann referred to and simple number counts. These are two of the key elements required to study and forecast market moves and by understanding the duration and amplitude of past trends and price swings - time periods and Fixed Cycles we begin to get a line on what to expect into the future. The swing from the Oct 2023 Low up into the Dec 2023 High was an advance of around 6.5% so if we take this measurement and project it from the Apr 2024 base we get a possible price target of 1.31032 but bear in mind this is only a gauge or projection and sometimes past movements do share similar amplitude so if we do begin to move up we can use these levels as a marker especially as we are moving into Cycle points then we can check prior percentages to see if we are matching against any past moves.

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