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Gold, SP500 Trading with Gann Tesla

There are two significant dates to monitor for Tesla . The first time cycle is indicated for either Fri 15th or Mon 18th April as outlined on the two Curves below then the second date comes in on the 18th May so both of these dates should be noted in a diary for future reference.

By comparing the wave sequence from 5th Nov 2021 Top against the current position of the market we can get a line on what to expect into the future . From the 26th Jan 2021 the first swing ran down 42 days in time to the 9th March low then 36 days up to the 14th April Top before moving down another 36 days into the 19th May 2021 Low.

The current swing ran down from the 5th Nov 2021 to the 25th Feb 2022 Low at 700.00 a time period of 113 days and a decline of 543 points moving at a rate of 4.8 points per degree . Looking at the current position from the 25th February low the price has run up to the 5th April and has since pulled back a bit . If price trades higher and breaks above the 5th April Top we should move higher into the 15th or 18th Top as indicated on Curve No 2 so this will be an important time zone to monitor . The second scenario is if the 5th April turns out to be Top we could trade lower into the 15th - 18th April before moving up into the 18th May where Main Top is indicated so we have two price Curves to work with and if we breach the trigger date 5th April it should indicate higher into the 15th or 18th April . My strategy would be to wait for that date to come in and a few days before this point we should be in a clearer position to determine if a top or bottom is setting up on this date and if so we could scale down to a 60 minute chart to refine our entry and place a time based stop below the 15th or 18th April date . The next Time Cycle is indicated for the 18th May which could turn out to be low as indicated on Curve 2 which will run out a one year Cycle from the 2021 Low an important date to watch . A few additional calculations to write in the diary for future reference listed below.

90 Deg out from 25th Feb Low = 26th May

180 Def out from 5th Nov Top = 3rd May

360 Deg price revolution up from 700 Low = 809

720 Deg or two full revolutions in price = 927

1105 = one full revolution down in price and we are currently trading below this point

As we approach the Time Cycle date I will try and calculate some price targets that are in line with that position.

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