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How to trade with the Forecast

I usually locate two or three significant Cycle dates per month some of them are quite strong and some are of intermediate strength so I prefer to concentrate on these type of turning points and leave the Minor Cycles alone as they are shorter in duration and the ensuing price moves are usually not as strong but they can still be handy entry signals if certain conditions are met . Over the next few posts I will try and present the material in a clearer fashion and explain how to trade with the Cycle dates . As an example if I put up a price Curve indicating Top for a certain date which is a week or so into the future it is advisable to be patient and wait for that date to roll around and a few days beforehand we should be in a clear position to determine if the market is setting up for Top or Bottom. By waiting for the date to roll around we can confirm its orientation as I may have Forecast a Top to occur on that particular date but we may get an inversion which can happen occasionally when you project a Top on the Curve for a particular date and then it comes in as a Low which is why it is best to wait for that date to arrive and close above that point which can be either be confirmed on the next days bar or even on a 60 minute chart if you wanted to set a time based stop under that Cycle Low . In the case of the SP500 I projected an important turning point for the 5th May so we are looking for a Low around this point - usually the Time Cycles are -/+1 day so in this case a precise Low did not occur on the 5th as projected so we wait for the 6th and our criteria has to met otherwise no action is taken . Tonight we need price to be lower than 4062 pivot Low - if that occurs and aligns with one of the price targets we can activate a trade as the 4062 pivot low has been breached otherwise if price does not move below that 4062 low tonight just ignore it and move onto the next trade . you have preserved your capital and by acting on trades that meet certain time based criteria you will improve your odds of being on the right side of the market

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