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So in regards to CBA there is a chance we may drop a little further if we make a new Low on the SP this evening which is also converging into a Low. The drop on CBA today was just short of the 99.50 target level so I bieve there isn't much downside left in this regard and it is interesting to note the 8th August 2022 Top is around 280 days out from the 8th Feb 2023 so we could be moving up towards that time period. hope everyone one is well . Just a brief update covering a few different things . Firstly the SP500 we are looking for the current low to get taken out tonight so we could be Low off that point 3rd Jan And there is a good chance we could be up till the 8th Feb where Top is indicatedso thisay give us around a month's worth of upside if we get low off the Cycle date. There is also a second date of the 14th Feb however the strongest correlation seems to line up with the 8th Feb so of we run up into that date and have some good upside gains itay be prudent to take some off the table. We also have a potential counter trend Top coming in on Crude Oil so if you are interested in trading these instruments it would be worthwhile going back over the recent posts and re reading them or printing them out so you have a detailed trading plan in front of you . I usually keep a paper file with all the labels on it so I can just pull it out and have it in front of me which makes life easier. Then there is CBA which was projected to make Low either today or tomorrow so it would be worthwhile checking the position of that chart after today's drop . Today I purchased a three month ATM call option out till April as the price was very close to the target of 99.50 so even if it comes off marginally tomorrow it could still be a good play which could also run out a similar time period to the US market so I will go back and configure the calculations on this one. Or alternatively you could wait till tomorrow and look to purchase CBA but I believe we are very close to the low either today or tomorrow

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