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From the 23rd Nov 2021 Top down to the 14th March Low measures 112 days - this was the first swing down a decline of 22% . This time period balances against the 30th August 2018 Top which also ran down 113 days a decline of 24% in the same time . The second swing from the 19th Feb 2020 Top declined 32% in 31 days which is quite interesting as it compares to the current swing down from the 23rd Nov Top into 20th May Low which is also a decline of 32% between points AC as outlined in the Notes so this means we have balanced the same percentage decline between both swings . I have also presented the 2007 swing structure as it is 15 years back which represents an important Cycle as it is half of the 30 year Cycle and important Tops or Bottoms come out around the same times 15 and 30 years apart . So far the recent trend has run down 180 Deg into the 20th May Low and we are moving up into the projected counter trend Top date around the 7th June so I am looking for a Top on several Indexes to culminate around this point including the SP500 . The 180 Deg time period is greater than all of the previous swings including 2018 measuring 113 days and 2007 measuring 135 days into Low . It is important to compare historical swings against the current position of the market to determine what Cycle we are most likely running against . By measuring the time periods and the price amplitude of each section we get an insight on what to expect in terms of percentage increase or decrease and the likely duration of each swing.

The Curve below is the projected direction for The Nasdaq out towards the end of August . If we get counter trend Top on the 7th June +1 we could be down till the 20th June where an important Cycle is indicated most likely culminating in a Low around that point . From there we could be up till the 6th July where minor Top is indicated then down into the 14th July for a pull back then up into the 20th August for main Top . Note the time period between the 17th March 2008 up till the 19th May = 63 days and by projecting this same time forward from the projected 20th June Low we get 20th August as a potential Top running out the same time period . As outlined previously it is very important to wait for these dates to come in and a few days beforehand we should be able to qualify if the market is either setting up for Top or Bottom on these dates and once the position has been confirmed we can trade in the direction of the prevailing trend once the Cycle date is confirmed . The 20th June is a significant date so that should present us with a very strong opportunity if it sets up as Low in line with the Curve .

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