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Nifty Part 2 :

Here are some additional Notes and calculations on The Nifty . I will also include my original post at the bottom of the page from the 19th April which contains more details .

There are two possible scenarios that could play out on The Nifty so I have presented two Curves containing one intermediate Cycle and the Primary Cycle which is due on the 18th May.

Scenario No1 :

If price continues to hold above the 19th April Low we could move higher into the 18th May where Main Top is indicated so we need to pay close attention to the 16824 19th April Low as this will be an important clue to the prevailing direction of the trend . We are very close to this point now so there are a few things that could play out . we could hold above this point which does not look likely and move up to Top on the 18th May which is the first scenario .

Scenario No 2 :

If the 19th April is broken the next intermediate Cycle point is the 6th May so we may continue down to this point and reach low on that date and then move higher into Top on the 18th May .

Both Curves point towards Cycle Top on the 18th May so you could also wait for the 6th May to draw closer and a few days beforehand we should be in a clearer position to determine whether the 6th May is setting up as Low and then we can position in the direction of the prevailing trend up till 18th May for a possible 12 day swing . As mentioned earlier it is Very Important to not try and get ahead of the market and guess the direction of the trend until we draw closer to a Cycle date and let the position of the trend confirm whether we are setting up for Top or Bottom . Gann said you can always make more money and preserve your capital by waiting for the Time Cycles to present themselves and once confirmed we can enter the next day and place a time based stop below the Cycle date with the knowledge that if price trades below this point it should continue down to the next date . Patience is key and you will reduce stress and anxiety by waiting for the Cycles to move in and once the future arrives we can confirm it by the position of the market and other factors including price and Angles . So if we breach the 19th April Low I would sit back and wait for the 6th May to come in or trade short into that date with a tight stop . Please note the price listed on the 6th May is an accident please disregard it .

Nifty Composite Chart below

Original Post Below :

The diagram below shows the market broken down into four swings with all time and price data labelled . The first swing down from the 19th October Top ran 62 days in time and 2194 points in price , the second counter trend reaction ran up 29 days and 1940 points up to the 18th Jan Top then down 49 days and 2679 pts into the main Low on the 8th March at 15671 . The first observation is the counter trend up into the 18th Jan which ran 29 days and if we compare this to the recent rally to the 4th April current top you can see that both counter trends are approx balanced in time and the prices on both swings are quite close as well so if we do continue to hold below the 4th April Top we could possibly trade down to the 20th April which is a significant Cycle date and could come in as Low so my advice would be to wait for this date to come in and a few days beforehand we will be in a clearer position to determine if the market is setting up for a high or low into this date and then once the orientation of the market is defined we could scale down to a smaller timeframe such as 60 minutes and use that as our entry point with a time based stop below the Cycle date . You will make more money and reduce stress and anxiety by waiting for the dates to arrive and your judgement will be clearer as we have a clear set of expectations on what will occur on that date and if those parameters are met and the market reverses on our Forecast date we have a directional roadmap and maybe a few minor dates to keep track of as the market moves .

In 2021 there was a counter trend reaction up to the 8th April then down to the 22nd April Low so comparing this against the current position of the market there is a good chance we could drop into the 20th April Low then move higher into the 16th May where Top is indicated . These two dates are outlined on the Curve below . In 2011 price also ran up into the 3rd April before trend moving down so April appears to be a month for these type of counter trend tops. April 20th is approx 45 days in time from the 8th March Low which is important as it is 1/8th of a year and 30 Deg in longitude on the Circle of 360 . We are also square in time from the 18th January 2022 Top and trine or 120 Deg out from the 20th Dec Top and a very close 180 Deg out from the 19th October Main Top so there are three Permanent Time Cycles culminating around this date in conjunction with other causal factors which may point towards a significant shift in trend so we should monitor the pattern and direction of trend as we move into this date . The next date is the 16th May so we will just mark this in the calendar for future reference and if the 20th April sets up we will return to this date and do some further analysis on it .

I have included some price calculations to note down and these points will serve as a handy reference point as we move into the Cycle dates .

1 Square down from the 18604 Top = 18330 the 18th January Top came in on this point

2 Squares down or a full circle in price = 18061 the 4th April Top aligned with this point

4 Squares down or 720 Deg = 17527

1/8th = 16279 1/4 = 13953 we just keep these as future measurements

1 Square up from the 15671 Low = 15921

2 Squares up = 16175

4 Squares or two full revolutions in price could be an important future point to monitor

1/8th = 17629 price is currently on this point

Nifty Curve is presented below with the two key dates so I will keep you updated as we move towards these target points then we can determine the likely of either Top or Bottom .

Nifty No 1 is the current market position including to the two Time Cycles

Nifty No 2 is a breakdown of previous campaigns that have similar Time structures and we can use these measures as a comparison .

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