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Nymex Crude update :

The Curve below outlines some minor turning points so we will have to watch the market closely to see how we are setting up into those points . If you are short from the 14th June Top it could be a good time to take some profits and wait for the next Cycle dates to come in . The 23rd June is a minor Cycle so if we move up into that point it could turn out to be minor Top so we can wait for this date to come in and see if it matches the Curve which may give us an opportunity to go short - then the 28th June which is an intermediate date could be Low then up till the 7th July then down till the 14th July which is Major Cycle point that should produce a large shift in the market . If you are following Crude I would recommend that you write these dates down in a diary and as we move into them we can check the position of the market against the Curve to determine if we are either setting up for Top or Bottom into these dates - and then we can examine the pattern of trend and volume leading into the date to determine if a position is worthwhile and whether the swing meets our criteria for a trade - please be aware that some of these dates are only minor Cycles so sometimes they can produce a clearly defined setup that is clear to read but at other times they may not present us with any clearly defined pattern such as a Top or Bottom so we can just pass them by . The intermediate and larger Cycles usually present a clearer picture so I prefer to concentrate on the higher magnitude Cycles as they produce longer movements with greater price amplitude . Some of these dates had to be adjusted as the original calculations were predicated on the 8th June High so a few adjustments have been made . 14th July is a Major Cycle so I will post the Curve later on today .

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Looks like we are on the downward slide for crude, very close to target date on your chart. Are you still expecting the downward pull till end of June? thank you, Grant

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That would be nice but I don't have a good feeling about it. If you follow api looks bearish.


Everyone reading and responding to your posts seem very knowledgeable. I am new to learning the terminology and method. Sometimes I have misinterpreted charts-a learning process for me. Last week was a disaster for crude, down so much. So if I am reading the chart correct it looks like this week we may see the price of crude go up until around the 23rd June then another slip back down. Thank you Grant and also "Sub" looking forward to your updates. Show More Unable to publish.


Thank you. A counter-trend rally into 23 Jun, and then a bearish move lower fits my count perfectly.

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