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SP500 10th August

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

May have to add on another day for Cycle Top ( 10th - 11th Aug ) So it looks like we may open above last nights gap up - there are three key price levels to watch




Watch price action around the first two levels on the 30 or 60 minute chart to see if we are meeting resistance around these levels . The second price point at 4281 is a bit higher so if we can hold below or touch any of these levels this evening we should see a strong move down over the next few days . 4278 is 720 Deg in longitude from the 4818 Top so this will be an important zone to watch and we are also coming into a Full Moon on the 12th August which will have an increased electromagnetic effect on market sentiment . A time to exercise caution and look towards short positions.

Once again thanks for all the Letters of support they are much appreciated .

Here is an overview of the SP500 with some accompanying notes and calculations .

The Main date to watch is the 10th Aug which could turn out to be counter trend Top if price continues to move up into this point so if you are long this would be a point to exercise caution and observe how price extends up into this point . Usually at the end of these Cycle points both volume and space movement will increase which is a good indication that we are approaching or have reached Top so keep a close eye on these factors as we move into the 10th Aug target date . We appear to be running against the 2008 Cycle which also saw Top on the 11th August before the market sold off heavily into the March 2009 Low . I am not suggesting that we are following this particular campaign but it is an interesting model to observe as there are no other significant Tops that were reached in the month of August within such a pronounced downtrend so the correlation between the projected 10th Aug Top closely aligns with the 14 - 15 year model which runs very close to the 180 month Cycle where important Tops and Bottoms are reached . Aug 10th is 135 Deg and an important Seasonal date for change of trend - In the first Chart R1 ran up 523 points in 32 days moving up at a rate of 16.34pts per degree and if we look at the current Low for the 17th June the time period into the 10th Aug will run out 54 days so we are 22 days ahead of time compared to the previous range and price is currently up around 531pts so we are fairly well balanced against the price amplitude in R1 currently moving up at a rate of 9.8pts per degree which is just over half the rate of movement in R1 .

Position according to Angles :

These Angles have been projected out to the the 10th Aug time point

1x1 Angle = 4601 so we are well below this point at present

2x1 Angle will intersect at 4384 which is also some way off

3x1 Angle = 4167 so we are right on this point at the moment

Time is the most important factor and not until sufficient time has expired will the big moves both up and down commence but the position of price in relation to the Geometric Angles will demonstrate whether the market is in a weak or strong position according to what Time Cycle is playing out . There are three Number Sequences of varying degree that converge into this date linking up with the time measurements which point towards a significant shift in trend -/+1 into this point .

One revolution in price = 4133 so we are above this point and outside the Square .

4278 is one full Square down from the Top so if we stay below this point and reverse out of the time Cycle we should be significantly lower .

The second set of Notes presents a comparison between Feb and the current swing - note the structural and time similarities between both swings with both legs moving up 302 and 309 pts before a minor pullback the second legs into main Top measuring 22 and 27 days into the projected 10th Aug Top so the time component between both swings is well balanced in the second leg up . The price range in the first swing was 480 pts off the 9th Mar Low and we are currently 446 points off the 14th Jul low so I have projected the previous 480 pt range up which equals 4201 which is just a reference point to monitor .

These are the important levels to watch if we move up into the 10th Aug

4191 - 4194


Watch price over the next few sessions as these levels could be exceeded so hopefully a day or two before the target date we should be in a clearer position to put forward some more definitive price targets as we approach the target date .

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