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US markets open tonight so we are in the zone for a potential low as outlined earlier . If we dont get Low this evening the 4th Jan will be the last trigger point - Take no action until a Low is reached either this evening or tomorrow as we need to break through the 3764 zone and make a low under that point . As outlined earlier keep a close eye on the important price targets ( please go back to my previous posts as there were two levels presented ) mark those points on your charts and if they are met this evening or tomorrow we should have a low in place as it is key to take out the 23rd Dec level in the next two sessions.

The current advance of 14.6% of the base of 3491 exceeds most of the previous counter trend reactions within the current downward structure. The first upswing measures 8.8% in 9 days so we have clearly exceeded that range. The second upswing into the 30th March Top measures 36 days which balances against the time period projected from the 3rd Jan Low into the 8th Feb Top although we have currently exceeded that price range of 12.7% by a fair margin. The next major swing up is into the 16th Aug Top which measures 60 Deg an advance of 18.9% so the time period does not balance against the current swing which I have measured into two time sections but the figure of 18.9% could be a useful guide particularly as we move up into the 6th - 8th Feb projected Top which is approx a 4% advance on the current 4100 Top or Square of 64. The price amplitude of previous ranges will give us an indication as what to expect as we culminate into the Cycle dates. The time period off the base of 3491 into the 6-8th Feb projected Top measures 116 Deg in time which is the largest upswing since the 5th Jan Top an indication that the 14th Oct could be main Low and remain intact . The section we are interested in trading is from the 3-4th Jan Low up into the 6-8th Feb where Top is indicated so by examining the range projection points we can generate two or three guideline points which are 4328 which is 24% off the base which balances against the 2002 upswing into the 3rd Dec Top running out the 20 Yr Cycle. And the next target is 4150 just above the current Top which balances against the price amplitude moving into the 16th Aug Top so these two price levels represent harmonic balance points where price could extend to on the 6-8th Feb. Pay close attention over the next two sessions as we will need to make Low either this evening or tomorrow to validate the Cycle. 1.25x3491 Low = 4363 an important natural price ratio.

3rd Jan Low 3764 approx + 609 pt range projection = 4374 harmonic juncture point ( this calculation was derived from the 609pt range up into the 14th Dec then projected off the 3rd - 4th Jan Low which is a 100% extension but the main consideration is achieving Low in the next two sessions to qualify Low.

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Jan 04, 2023

I just don't know how dow jones gonna work it out ... lots of the stocks in DJI made ATH ... If SPX can up to 4300.. where all those stocks gonna fly .. CAT, UNH, MCD.. they gonna break their own records again ?


Summary for everyone and myself:

Cba low hit, but waiting for sp500 to see if go any lower (im 50% long cba, probably go full long today once it confirms uptrend)

Crude oil is so delicious, top hit at 8150 (grant was prophetic on this one). Avg entry 7997 but I do wonder if it's good time to get in at current 7762 or just wait for pullback to upside (this is me thinking out loud for next time if i missed the blowoff top).

Tesla hit low of 103 to 105 but sp500 still not hit low of 3764 (or 3746, both validates cycle if i read correctly). So not sure how to play this one, will just wait…

Replying to

Im a beginner so im just walking through my thought process. If grant or any experts want to comment, feedbacks r welcome:

Re oil: i set an alert for 8118 and once it crossed, my other indicator showed it was a blowoff top candle bar (that hit 8152). I went in 25% short at 8110 and went in 75% at 7950. I thought about waiting for 4 jan for confirmation but the blowoff candle indicator usually is quite accurate (was showing on 1h 2h 4h).

Now IF i didnt open a short today, my position would be a bit tricky now because:

  1. The downside is huge (like roughly 6000ish just counting the gann square boxes on grants drawing .)

  2. But…

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