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There are a few key dates to watch. They are the 6th February which was outlined earlier so if we continue to move up into this date we could see Top. The second date is the 23rd February which could setup as Low particularly if we run down off the 6th Feb Top so it would be prudent to wait for these dates to roll in and a few days beforehand market direction will usually indicate if we are moving up into Top or Bottom. The 6th Feb date is set weeks out from the 30th Mar Top. These will be the two key dates to watch. For more detailed information including time counts of previous ranges you can visit some of my old posts which contain all of the necessary calculations to balance ranges and time periods.

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you have been spot on Grant!!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing


now we hit your target at around 4200. congratulations!


maybe we're already at the top. we have a triple top in the 4100 area / spx cash. if we sell hard, the november low could be support or slightly below. and from there up again.

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