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  • As outlined earlier the SP500 could be Top into the 6th Feb which is just past the 315° Seasonal date on The Square an important Time period for Tops and Bottoms. Feb 6th is 315° or 45 weeks out from the 30th Mar 2022 Top so it looks like we could be running out 1/8th of a Circle into the target date. Also note we are 174° out from the 16th Aug Top another important indicator. Sometimes the Fixed Cycles can run 6 days either side so it is necessary to incorporate other factors to refine the calculations but they are a significant reference point in relation to the position of the Market. Looking at the previous upside ranges will give us an indication of price amplitude and duration which can be balanced and measured against the previous swing. There were three swings of note the first being from the 25th Feb Low up to the 30th Mar 2022 an advance of 523 pts in 33 days a rise of 15.8pts per day - the second swing of note was from the 17th Jun Low to the 16th Aug Top an advance of 689 pts in 689 days a rise of 11.29pts per day so if we compare these two swings against the current position of the market we can observe some technical similarities. The rise into the 14th Dec Top was also 61 days in time so we have balanced against the previous range in time then we had a small pullback into the 23rd Dec a drop of 9 days and 336 pts. The recent swing beginning at 3491 up to current levels measures 704 pts which balances very closely against the previous range of 689 pts being short by around 15 points which is an acceptable margin. As we are running up into the projected target Top of 6th Feb this is a strong indication that we could be balancing against the previous range in price as we move into two Fixed Time points and a Seasonal Degree. The 704 pt current range has exceeded the previous 523 pt range into the 30th Mar Top so the closest fit in terms of price amplitude is the 16th Aug Top. Many Students write to me asking for guidance and mentorship which is appreciated and after studying Gann and dozens of Texts for well over Ten years almost on a full time basis I understand and appreciate the level of commitment and dedication required to penetrate this field. In order to develop a working knowledge or foundation on Gann a serious study of Astronomy and the Principles of Natural Law are a key factor as the Square of Nine and many of his various calculations are based on these Laws. In order to understand the calculations above it would be helpful to pull up a chart and sketch out the ranges and figures as I have previously done instead of just reading the text which will give you a clearer understanding of the current position of trend in relationship to past movements but most are lazy and not prepared to make a serious study of Ganns work which is why a good proportion of his work is coded as he knew the masses were lazy and not prepared to put in the time and commitment to gain understanding. From the 14th Oct 3491 Low into the 6th Feb projected Top measures 118 days almost a full Circle in time so we are currently moving up at a rate of 5.96pts per day which is less than the previous two rates of advance due to the larger time period. There is a good chance we could be Top at current Level or into the 6th Feb which comes out on Mon so the two important price levels to watch are 4198 or 4245 so if we move up on the 30 or 60 minute tick chart and make Top at any one of these points it could be a strong indication for resistance . If we begin to move down off this point we could be Low either 23rd or 28th Feb which are the two key dates to watch. Thanks for following my work and I wish everyone well in the future. Take care from Grant

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