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SP500 28th Dec 3746 A little update is presented at the bottom of the page

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Happy Christmas to everyone and a good year ahead.

Looks like we could move down into the 28th Dec as outlined so this could set up as quite a strong trading opportunity . The most important price level to watch is 3746 which is around 354 points off the Top and after that the secondary target of lesser degree is 3686 so we will include this level just in case . Two Squares up from the Low is 3731 which is just below our main target level so if we manage to hold above this point price should remain in a strong position . The projected time period into the 28th Dec Low is around 14 days which balances against the previous time period but both swings have different price amplitude with the current swing down ( possibly ) measuring 354 points into the Low which will come in at 8.6%.

The 25th Feb and 17th Jun Low ran out about the same volume mass around 71.85B units between both swings compared against the current move down which only measures 33.6B which is 1/2 the mass of the last two swings. The drop into the 25th Feb Low moved down at a rate of 21.86pts per day which is fairly well balanced against the current move measuring 23.6pts per day so just keep an eye on the 28th Dec target date as we will need to clear the Low in order to validate the Cycle .

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