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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Here are some additional Notes on the SP500 .

Also included is a Curve on NAB outlining three turning points and the projected direction of trend out till late September .

Notice the 14th July down swing within the recent leg up - price dropped 224 pts in 17 days a decline of 5.68% before resumption of up trend into the 16th Aug Top - Price has come off quite heavily from this point with price down around 196 pts or 4.5% so far . The time period into the projected 29th Aug Low is 13 days which is a similar time count to the previous leg down . I have projected the 5.68% price amplitude down from the 4325 Top which equals 4079 which could be a significant balancing point if trend continues to move down into the projected 29th Aug Low . The calculations and notes presented here only account for around 20% of the workload behind the Forecasts I put out - the other mathematical sequences and Time Cycles are kept private as they are a fundamental aspect of assembling these Forecasts . 3636 x 1.125% = 4090

4 Squares up from Low = 4133 and we have just closed below this point which could indicate further downside , moving outside the Square is a sign of weakness .

2 Squares down from the Top = 4065

So there are three important price zones to watch 4065 4079 4090

The second set of price targets based on Longitudinal co ordinates are stronger price targets to watch they are 4099 - 4102 and 4069

These targets are within close proximity of the 1.125% harmonic extension and previous downside range amplitude so it will be interesting to keep these figures handy particularly the red prices if we continue to move lower into the 29th Aug projected Low.

If price does pullback over the next few sessions the next key intermediate date to watch is Fri 26th - Mon 29th August which could turn out to be a pullback point so it will be important to monitor price over the next few sessions and observe if we are moving down into this point and hopefully a few days before hand we should be able to qualify if price is moving in line with the Curve . So if this scenario does play out and we establish a Low around the 26 - 29th Aug we could be up till the 6th Sept so if price does extend up into this point especially if it gaps up and an increase in the pitch of trend is evident it could be prudent to sell out and then once the Top is confirmed I should be able to calculate and narrow down one or two Low points where the trend is projected to drop into but a Top has to be established first before these calculations come into play . Over the next few days I will try and present some important price levels so I think it would be wise to wait for the 26-29th Aug to roll around and see how price is setting up into this point before taking any action and as we move into this point we should be able to refine and present a few solid price levels to watch .

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