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There are three downswings which have been outlined including the time period and price amplitude of each swing . The current swing down is around 439 points with the average future price down around 45 at the moment so it could be the case that we open lower around 3841 as an estimate which would equal around 484 points from the the 16th Aug Top which would balance against the 25th Feb Low at 481 points. The other price projections could serve as markers - 3844 should get taken out . The current time period of 31 days has overbalanced all of the previous time periods but the price amplitude is less than swing A and Swing C but in balance with B at 481 pts . We could be setting up for Low into the 19th Sept which is 90 Deg in longitude from the 16th June so we may expect a reversal around this point with the Moon at maximum Nth declination .

The two important price levels to watch are 3814 which is four squares down from the Top and 3831 so there is a tight price zone around this point . Look for price to stabilize around Fri 16th or Mon 19th Sept with a tight stop in place - with a lot of downside momentum in the market it may be the case that we move right through these price targets - this is only a brief overview of the current position of the market so hopefully over the next two sessions we will be able to quantify if a Low is either in place or we will have to wait till the 19th Sept .

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HI Grant Thank you for the post. Any brief thoughts on crude. I know you mentioned you had a post that would not upload but mentioned it would go higher. Any brief mention you could offer at this point? thanks

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