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SP500 7th & 16th June

There are three dates of interest the 7th June - 16th June and the 12th - 14th July .

If main trend continues to move down we could be Low into the 7th June and then up till the 16th June and then down till the 12th - 14th July . There are two scenarios presented below on Curve 1 & 2 so it would be wise to wait for the 7th June to draw closer and a few days before that point we should be able to qualify whether the 7th June is setting up for Low and following Curve 1 or whether it is running against Curve 2 . That is why it is important to wait for these Time Cycles to roll around and then we can judge the pattern and position of the market against either Curve 1 or 2 . If the 7th June does present as Low the next date is the 16th June so we could move up into that date for counter trend top but we must wait for the 7th June to confirm its position first . There is also a minor Cycle for the 25th May which is not as important as the two larger Cycles but I have mentioned it just as a point to monitor but I would be cautious about trading that point unless a clearly defined pattern sets up into that point - the two main points to focus on at present are the 7th & 16th June . Notes and diagrams below .

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