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The two key dates to watch are the 9th and 15th December . It looks like we could be up into the 9th Dec for Top in line with the Curve then down till the 15th Dec for Low . These are the two main Cycle dates that should produce a strong turn in the market . I will usually try to include a few Minor turning points in between the Main Cycle but it is important to understand that the Minor Cycles are weaker in strength therefore producing only small shifts in the trend but sometimes they can present a timing opportunity to either add to our position or exit the market . My calculations are geared towards locating the key Cycles that will produce larger price swings of greater time duration - usually I can identify two to three of these points per month so sometimes it will be necessary to wait for these moves to come in and through being patient we should be able to capture some of these strong and pronounced swings which will give us more time in the position and hopefully generate stronger price moves . There is a new date I have included in the Curve below so the main focus should be on ( waiting ) for the 9th Dec to come in so the market should continue to move up into this date and if the recent high is broken and we get Top into this date the 9th Dec will be validated as Top then we could be down into the 15th Nov which also looks like Low for CBA and then up into the 6th Jan 2023 for Top so it will be key to see how price moves in the next few sessions and if we are setting up for Top into the 9th Dec . The current price is around 4100 so we could be looking at a slightly higher Top around 4118 which would balance against the previous range up. The high price is just above the SQ64 at 4100 an important level to maintain . Once the 9th Dec Top is in place and price becomes known we could project the 213 pt range on the downside as a price measurement but please bear in mind that these are only price projections at this stage that need to be qualified against the prevailing Cycles so if we do balance against these price points whilst lining up with Top it could be considered a strong technical confirmation that Top is being made . Over the next few days I should be able to refine the price calculations if we do move up into the 9th Dec. The second target of 1B = 4180 is based on the previous range of 689 pts added to the base so this could also be an important price zone to balance against the 6th Jan. If price does move down into the 15th Dec for Low it could be the case that we have another leg up and if we break above highs it will be important to watch the 4180 level as a strong bearing point . Also notice the first leg up off the 14th Oct Low was 19 days and the projected time period off the 15th Dec Low is 22 days into the 6th Jan so both upswings are about balanced in time . I will present the Curve this afternoon .

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