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SP500 9th Sept

9th Sept coming up into an important point . So far low was made on the 6th Sept at 3886 which does not appear to have any technical correlation with my calculations so it may be the case that we move lower over the next two sessions . The diagram below depicts three downswings within the recent trend structure so it is important to make a comparison between these swings against the current swing down to gauge the position of the market . Currently we are down around 439 pts which is less than the previous three swings indicating that we could have more downside. The time period into the 9th Sept = 24 days which balances against the first two swings down measuring 20 and 22 days which are comparatively close .

Four Squares down from 4325 = 3814

Two Squares up from 3636 = 3880 balancing against the 6th Sept Low so it will be important to see if this point is taken out over the next few sessions . The two most important price points to observe are 3866 and 3832 so it may be wise to mark these two levels on your intraday charts and observe how price reacts around these two points . A time based stop may be placed just below these points if the 8th - 9th Sept sets up as Low - The next key date to watch is the 19th Sept . I did prepare and submit a Crude Oil post last night but it looks like it did not go through which is annoying as it took me two hours to assemble so you may wish to check the old 16th August post calling Low for around 9th Sept . Regards Grant

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Thank you Grant! Great calculations on crude on your last post. Look forward to reading your next post re: crude, should it upload to your site. Thanks again.

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