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SP500 Important Update

As outlined in my SP500 Forecast posted on the 24th March main low was indicated for the 18th April . so far we have moved down into that target with current price around 4371 .

18th - 19th April could be setting up for Low so the two important prices to watch are 4368 and 4347 so pay close attention to these two zones on the 60 minute chart to see if price is holding above these points and set your stop losses accordingly . If price holds above 4368 on the 60 minute chart we can set a stop a few points under that point however if that point is broken the second target is 4347 . Two Squares or a full revolution in price comes in at 4368 which reinforces this as a strong target zone . If the 18th - 19th April holds as Low we could move up till the 18th May where Main Top is indicated . Over the next few days I will try and prepare a Minor Curve outlining some possible reversal points up till the 18th May . It is important to trade in the direction of the main trend and if we start moving up off the 18th April I will look for the smaller time cycles within the trend that may allow us to position or calculate the counter trend reactions and use those points to buy into the prevailing uptrend

Here is a copy of the original Forecast issued 24th March on twitter calling Top for the 29th March with main trend down to the 18th April .

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