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SP500 Notes

Below is a compilation of the Notes and calculations I posted on twitter with a few additional observations and writings . I dont use modern day technical indicators in my analysis it is all based on the teachings of Gann and the Principles of Natural Law . Anyone who is serious and committed to studying this field will gain a deeper insight and develop a better working knowledge by reading through and deconstructing most of Ganns charts and the examples in his books in particular reading some of the recommended books on his list such as Sepherial and Walter Russell which he alluded to as Walter Kennelworth in The Tunnel .

Within the current downswing there were two waves down of note. The first minor swing down ran for 20 days in time and 481 points in price . The original Forecast I issued on the 24th March indicated Top for the 29th March which was one day off and since that point the market has traded lower confirming this date as a valid Time cycle . On the 30th March I posted a chart indicating that 4637 Top should hold as it is just below the 2x1 Angle running down from the Main 4818 Top so holding below this zone is an indication of weakness but Time is the most important factor to take into consideration because time can overbalance price and and when Time is up both volume and space movement will expand . There are several ways to measure time one of them being The Law of Periodicity where similar movements contain equal periods of time or price movements of equal or similar magnitude . In line with the Notes prepared earlier if price continues to move down in line with the Forecast we could see Main Low come in around the 15th April as outlined on the Curve . , this would also balance the previous two downswings in time approx and its a good measure to use . As outlined there is also a Minor Cycle indicated for the 6th Apr -/+1 which we appear to be moving down into at the present time last night I indicated two important prices to watch being 4457 and 4463 and last nights low at 4460 is only a few points above this level so this could be a good point to watch and if these levels are broken it will indicate we could move down into the 15th April for Main low so it would be advisable to wait for these dates to come in then asses the position of the market and trade accordingly in the direction of the Cycle date . As we move towards the date I will recalculate the important price levels to watch and see if any of these geometric points align with our cycle points .

One full Square down from the 4818 Top = 4501

Two full Squares down or a complete revolution in price = 4368

6th April could be an important date to watch it is 15 Deg in longitude on the wheel

Here is the Forecast issued 24th March

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