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SP500 Strategy

There are two dates to watch the first comes in between Thurs 21st - Mon 25th March which extends over the weekend and the second date which appears to be quite strong falls on Apr 3rd so I have devised a trading strategy around these two points. Below I have presented two Curves which outline the projected direction of the market so we will see how price moves into the first time window and which Curve it is aligning against before we take any action. With the market moving up at a parabolic rate of acceleration off the Oct 28th Low we could be approaching an important point culminating between 22-25th March

If price continues to rise into the target date we could see Top Mar 22-25th followed by a decline of 10 days approx into Apr 3rd which should set up as a significant reversal date - this projection is outlined in Curve 1.

The second possibility is a small pullback into the 22-25th Mar which will have to occur over the next few days then resumption of trend up into Apr 3rd Top and this is also outlined in Curve 2. The more likely scenario is a push into 22-25th but we must wait for the market to prove this is the case by making a higher price or showing signs of a blowoff move into that date and then once it is clear a Top is in place we could be down till Apr 3rd.

If price continues to move past the 22-25th window we get stopped out and await the second signal date Apr 3rd and hopefully trade out of that move if it sets up correctly.

If you wanted to do some tick trading on the SP there are a few levels to watch that may provide support or resistance they are 5183 *5202 which could turn out to be an important zone and 5228 so you could set your stops around these points and observe pattern and price leading into these levels

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