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SP500 update

Here is the projected Curve for the SP500 extending out towards the end of May . The two important dates to watch are the 6th May which is an intermediate Cycle and the 18th May which is a Major Cycle and could coincide with a major shift in trend . The 28th April is a minor Cycle date but has been included for good measure . So far from the 29th March Top we have moved down and breached the 18th April time target but we did have a significant spike up from that point which only lasted a few days so now we are heading down and approaching the important Cycle date which is the 6th May .

Curve No 1 indicates minor low on the 28th April so this will be the next point to watch and if we do hold above this point we may see a small five day move up from this point into the 6th May where counter trend top is indicated then down into the 18th May for a possible major Low . My strategy would be to watch the 28th April very closely as there are two things that could occur

1 : this could turn out to be a minor low point and if trend remains above this level we could rise up to the 6th May which is in line with the Curve projection and from there if the 6th May sets up as a counter trend top we could expect the trend to continue down into the 18th April as detailed on the Curve

2 : if the 28th April is breached and the trend moves below this point I would expect the trend to remain down into the 6th May for Main Low and then up to the 18th May for a strong counter trend top movement so these are the two possible scenarios that could occur and by mapping out two separate Curves we can wait for these dates to come in and hopefully a few days beforehand we will be in a clear position to determine whether the market is setting up as top or bottoms on these dates . By waiting for these dates to arrive we we have a strong foundation and a clearer perspective on what to expect as we lead into these dates . I have included some price calculations and will extend on this tomorrow as we should be able to refine our targets to a finer level .

4107 is an important point to watch as it is 4 Squares or two full revolutions in price down from the 4637 top so we will write this price in the diary and look for any price correlation to occur around the main Cycle dates . 4216 is an important price point as it is 1/8th of the Top price and important shifts in trend occur around these 1/8th and 1/4 points .

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This very good thanks


satish vangipuram
satish vangipuram
Apr 28, 2022

hi grant,

1. is the 28 april low based on the 60 year Master Tim Factor?

2. i could not find any education material or any document on how you do your work? could you please coment

Thanks and have a great day


Apr 27, 2022

Update oil please

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