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SP500 Update

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

There is a little update at the bottom of the page for the SP500

If we continue to move up we could be counter trend Top into either Fri 15th or Mon 18th July then down till the 22nd - 25th July which also crosses over the weekend . In the notes below I have looked at the previous downswing ranges and if we setup into the 15th July for Top and the price point is verified we can project these ranges down as a guide - the first range down was 480 pts and the second range was 536 so these will be important figures to use as a guide if we start moving down . There are three significant price levels to watch if trend continues to move up into the 15th - 18th projected Top . They are 3950 which will most likely be exceeded then the next level up is 3976 and 4005 which is 3 Squares up from Low so watch these levels as we move into the projected date and see if we are aligning against any of those points on the 15th - 18th July . We will have to watch the market over the next few days to see how price and vol are moving up and whether price is balancing against any of the previous ranges which will be a very important indicator . There are also a few Major Cycle dates that I prepared today which I will list here as a future reference to come back to but the main focus at the moment is trading this small section of the market - 22nd 25th July is also a Major Cycle date so if we drop down into this point we may have a chance to reverse our positions to the long side providing the market adheres to our price Curve .

22- 25th July

12th Aug

25th Aug

20th Sept

11th Oct

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When you consider the moon cycle the 14th would have to have been the low with full moons typically being local bottoms with uptrend into the new moon.

Me gusta

Did you bother to take the time to read my analysis on the SP500 . I provided a clear outline of what I expect to happen over the next few days and I do have other people on here to look after. See if you can find a more detailed service to the one I provide here at the same price and I will subscribe to it .

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sravan kumar
sravan kumar
15 jul 2022

Honestly I am here only for S&P analysi. can you provide an update?

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sravan kumar
sravan kumar
12 jul 2022

It’s still not clear which way it’s setting up? Is 15th July a major cycle date?

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scusa sono nuova per la tua analisi, mi puoi spiegare il 26 settembre dove metti un indicazione , la tua previsione

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