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SP500 Update

If the trend continues to move up the two dates to watch are the 2nd Aug and the 10th Aug for Top . At this point the calculations indicate the 10th Aug as the dominant date for Top however the 2nd Aug represents a smaller Cycle point to watch so that will be our first signpost so if price continues to move beyond that point we could be up till the 10th Aug for Top . Due to time constraints I have not had time to provide a more comprehensive update and go into more detail so on this basis I have issued quite a few refunds through paypal over the last two weeks so you may wish to check your accounts . At this point due to dwindling numbers discount membership fees and work commitments I have decided to provide updates once or twice a week depending upon available time as its becoming unviable to keep posting to the same level and quality of detail as per previous posts. Thanks for your support and interest and please dont send any more payments through as I will need to issue further refunds . Thanks Grant

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Aug 13, 2022

Thanks Grant - 4281 today - this should be interesting. Have a good weekend.


Thank you, Grant!

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