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SP500 Update

Interesting comparison between 2002 and 2022 which is briefly outlined below.

In 2001 price ran up 24% into the 8th Jan Top which links up against the projected Top for the 6th Jan 2023 so there is a good chance we could be running up against this Cycle . From there we were down till the the 21st Feb which also closely aligns with our 13th - 14th Feb 2023 projected Low . So based on this we could be down till the 28th Dec for Low then up till the 6-7th Jan for Top then down into the 13-14th Feb for Low. At this point I would just be concentrating on the drop into the 28th Dec which should produce quite a strong up move into the 6th Jan which is the first signpost to be aware of . Notice that the current advance into the 14th Dec Top measures 17.4% and if we compare this advance against the 2002 Campaign which was 24% we are quite a fair way short of this target so I have projected this percentage advance off the 3491 Low which would give us a figure of 4328 which would balance against the 2002 swing in price so if we do move up into the 6th Jan we should keep a close eye on this level to see if we are balancing against the previous range . The time period from the 2nd Jun 2022 Minor Top into the 17th Jun Low measures 15 days which balances against the projected time period of 14 days into the 28th Dec Low another interesting point of confirmation .

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