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SP500 update

Hello just a quick update we could be very close to a short term low tonight being the 9th May but be cautious as this may be short lived . if we do get low tonight we may move up to the 11th May where a minor Cycle is indicated - current price is around 4030 so if we can stabilize and move up from this level on the 15 minute chart it could be a good entry but keep a fairly tight stop below this point . As indicated the 11th May is an intersection point so I will be watching trend into this point and if we get a counter trend top setup we may reverse into the 18th May for Low so if we get a good move up into this point it would be wise to take profits and wait for the big opportunity to come in on the 18th May - Sorry the dates on the Chart are 9th May tonight short term low then up till the 11th for potential counter trend top setup then down to 18th May for Low .

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buongiorno Grant, puoi indicare una previsione fino a settembre ? per chi lavora nel medio termine come me ? te ne sarei grata



What's the time zone of the forecast? Is it USA eastern standard time?

Thank you!


Thanks Grant. Would TSLA likely follow a similiar path for a short term low today up to 11th/12th and down to 18th?


what is the date of x? Thanks

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