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SP500 Update

SP500 Swings : I have gone back and examined the previous swings and broken down the price and time co ordinates . The current time period of 128 days peak to 12th May trough has overbalanced all of time periods of the swings presented in the diagram . From the 5th January Top into the projected 15th June 2022 Low = 160 days and it is interesting to look at the 12th Oct 2007 Bull market peak which had the first swing down into the 21st Mar 2008 measuring 161 days and 20% which balances against the time period for 15th June projected Low . The current percentage decline into the 12th May Low is around 20% which balances against Swing No 2 so that could also be a handy indication to monitor - If we get a counter trend setup on the 17th - 18th May we will have to hold below that point and a time based stop should be set at the 17th or 18th swing high providing we hold below that point .

Trend could move down into either the 6th or 15th June so we will re examine that point if we start moving down and break the 12th May Low.

2 Squares up or a full revolution in price = 4110

There is a cluster of close range prices to monitor 4096 - 4105 ( 10 point range )

and also 4135 is a potential target also so we can watch these points on either the 30 or 60 minute chart to ascertain if price is holding below these levels

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