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Spot Gold Here is an update :

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The dates on both Curves are the same so if you are trading Gold it would be prudent to print out or draw both Curves and have them in front of you for easy reference and also the key price points and as Gold moves into those dates especially the 23rd June and 5th July we should be able to determine which Curve we are running against as prices move into that point . Sometimes the date may be projected as a Top but instead we get a Low into that date which is why it is so important to wait for the dates to roll around and then a few days before hand we can either qualify that date as a Top or Bottom and then we can trade in the prevailing direction of the trend towards the next date .

The Curve below contains four turning points of different magnitude . If price continues to move up into the 16th June which is a minor Cycle we could see counter trend Top at this point so it is recommended to wait for price to move into this point and if we begin moving lower from the 16th June we could be down into the 23rd June which is a key Cycle date that should produce a strong reversal. The 5th July is also a key date and Geo Mercury is at Maximum North declination on this date so we can also expect a significant shift on this date -/+1 so if we move into Top it could be a good point to take profits if we follow the Curve and get Low on the 23rd June . The next date which is a fair way off is the 1st August and there is a good chance that this may turn out to be main Low .

Price calculations are also outlined

1812 = 1/8th of the High and we are well below this point - it is important to keep a list of percentages in your diary from major Tops and Bottoms as these points can correspond with key Cycle dates and provide us with a good indication as to where price is positioned in relation to 1/4 or 1/2 of the High and Low dates - Gann kept notes on percentages of highs and lows in his book and they are important zones to watch when balanced against other factors .

Four Squares down from the Top = 1721 which will be an important zone especially if it aligns with the projected low around 23rd June. 1890 and 1879 will also be key price levels to watch so over the next days if we move up into the 16th June we should get a clearer idea of how the market is setting up into that date.

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