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Tesla Pt 1

The page below presents a breakdown of the three downswings running off the 5th Nov Major Top. The first swing into the 25th Feb Low ran out 112 days a decline of 181 pts or 43.7% . The second swing ran down 49 days in time into the 24th May Low for a decline of 178 pts or 46.3% which was in line with the amplitude of the first leg down however the time periods between both swings was considerably different . The current swing down beginning at the 16th Aug Top has so far declined around 134 days from that point and is off by around 65% quite a significant decline . There is a good possibility that the 30th Dec could turn out to be Low which is in line with the SP500 Forecast which has a projected Low coming in on the 28th Dec so there is a strong correlation between these two instruments running out similar Cycles . The projected time period into the 30th Dec Low measures 137 days which is closest to the first leg down measuring 112 days although there is fair time difference between both swings and the current percentage decline of 65% overbalances all of the previous downside ranges . One point of interest is the price move from AB measuring 208 pts which lines up against the current decline of 206 pts from the 16th Aug Top so it appears these two swings are in harmony. The 30th Dec marks an important point as it is 60 weeks out from main Top and 45 weeks out from the 25th Feb Low running out 1/2 of a 90 Deg Cycle and also 31 weeks out from the 24th May Low so we have three Fixed Cycles culminating around the 30th Dec in conjunction with the harmonic 206 pt price projection which presents quite a strong case for Low . I have also assembled another small diagram containing a few previous swings for Tesla and by studying the past history of this stock we should be able to get a line on what it will do into the future .

19th May 2021 Low a decline of 113 days

3rd Jun 2019 Low a decline of 623 days which is larger than the current swing from the 5th Nov 2022 Top which measures 418 days in time .

15th Nov 2016 Low a decline of 217 days

8th Feb 2016 Low a decline of 202 days

By comparing past records in most cases we are able to determine which months are important to watch for a change in trend as certain past dates have a Seasonal tendency to repeat at regular intervals. There were two prominent Lows in Nov and one in Dec followed by higher prices so it appears that the current trend could be running up against one of those Cycles .

As mentioned earlier Gann used the proportionate divisions of the Circle to determine future price levels of significance and also the Percentage of Tops and Bottoms as a guideline to market direction which I will detail below .

414 Top / 2 = 207 so we are well below this halfway point an indication of weakness which can be seen in the recent sell off .

1/4 of the High price = 311 and we can see that the 16th Aug Top came in at 314.00 which is just above this level .

3/4 of the Top = 104.00

1/2 of the 206 Low = 103 an important point

2/3 of the 314 Top = 105.00

So between 103 - 104 - 105 could be an important level to watch with three harmonic ratios in close sequence around this point .

The 30th Dec is 418 days out from the 5th Nov Top which is a Square of the High price in Time another important marker for Bear Market Low . The most important price level to watch is between 107 1/2 - 107 3/4 which is on the same degree as the 414 High price and the 206 Low .

The Curve below presents an outline of the projected trend containing two dates. If price moves down into the 30th Dec and sets up for Low in accordance with one of the price levels we could be up till the 10th Feb where Top is indicated a movement of around 42 days which is in line with two previous movements indicating the repeating of an important time period .

So at present I just have the two main dates being the 30th Dec Low and probably up till the 10th Feb and in between this Cycle there is an additional Minor date of the 13th Jan which could either come in as Minor Low or Top so we should just concentrate on managing our position up till the first minor signpost of the 13th Jan and as we approach that point we should be able to ascertain if that point will set up as a counter trend Low opportunity in which case we could look to position long up into the 10th Feb Top .

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