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Tesla Pt 2

As outlined in my previous post it looks like current price has setup for a counter trend top and could possibly move down into the 17th - 18th May where main low is indicated . On page No 1 there are two swings of interest that have been deconstructed the first one is the 14th April 2021 Top that ran down 233 pts or 29% in price in 35 days time . The second range is from the recent structure with Top at 1243 on the 5th November 2021 for a decline of 357 pts or approx 29% in 48 days time which is about the same percentage decrease as the previous swing but overbalanced in terms of time . If we project 29% down from the recent Top we get 818.00 as a potential profit target that would balance against the two previous swings so we should keep a table of these prices in our diary for future reference as we move towards the timing dates . I have also included some Square of Nine targets as outlined below in particular 896.00 which is two squares down from the top or a full revolution in price. Once again all of these price points should be kept in a diary and as we approach the projected turning dates we can cross check these dates and prices to see if there is any symmetry between them . Please bear in mind these are only measurements and the most important consideration is the time factor as time will overbalance price and when time is up volume and space movement will increase providing us with a clear indication as to whether the cycle is valid . 20th April = 30 Deg and is an important Seasonal Time period where we can expect changes in trend to occur and we are also 45 days or 1/8th of a year in time out from the 5th April Top another strong indication we may be top at this level.

The Curve below outlines the projected dates where we could see minor changes in trend but it appears the main trend should be down into the 17th - 18th May so it would be advisable to just look for counter trend trading opportunities in line with the direction of the trend and as we approach these minor cycle dates we should be in a clear position a few days beforehand to determine if we are setting up for high or low so it would be advisable to exercise patience and wait for these dates to come in then we can confirm the future as it arrives .

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