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The importance of waiting

Just wanted to make a brief Note regarding the importance of waiting for a Cycle date to come in . As an example we are anticipating a Low to come in on the SP500 this evening on the 28th Dec so in order for this to occur we will need to take out the recent low and trade under this point even if marginally . From recollection I posted an important price so it would be wise to put these two key levels on your charts and wait for price to break through the current Low which will validate the Cycle . It could be the case that Low comes in on the 29th being tomorrow as sometimes there can be -/+ 1 day leading into these points so if we dont achieve a Low tonight there is a strong chance we could be Low tomorrow so breaking through the current Low will be our trigger point if it happens in the next two sessions particularly around that price level I mentioned . If we do get Low dont be tempted to jump out of the trade too quickly as you could risk a good upside profit . The strategy would be to wait for the 28 - 29th Low to come in and link up with one of the important price levels and if that occurs and we hold above this Cycle point I will come back in and calculate some potential counter trend reaction points and determine the likely duration of the main trend so if we can remain in position for a good duration of the move we should be able to capture some good profit . This is not a short term day trading movement - there are two intermediate Cycles converging into this point so we should experience a fairly strong move up from this point .

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What happens if say it goes down to 3760. Clearly a dip but doesnt hit the 3746 target? Does that invalidate the cycle?

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