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Wheat Curve

Here are some Notes on Wheat including the projected Curve and updated bar chart . Initial Forecast posted on the 18th April was looking for a Top around the 18th - 19th April at 1136 so we were very close to the high price and now we are currently down around 83 points. The 18th April counter trend top is 43 days in time from the 7th March main top which is an important consideration as it is 1/8th of a year and is an important minor time cycle where changes in trend can often occur . 20th April = 30 Deg in longitude on the Square of Nine and marks an important Seasonal Time period which is also very close to our date .

At this point in time there are a few dates to monitor as outlined on the Curve below , the first date is either the 27th - 28th April which could come in as minor low if price continues down into this date then up to the 6th May where minor top is indicated then down to the 18th May where Main low is indicated so my advice would be to pay close attention to these timing dates and wait for the market to move into those dates before making any decisions and a few days before the target date we should be in a clearer position to determine whether we are setting up for either top and bottom and can act accordingly . By waiting

for the Cycle dates to come in you will make more money and preserve your capital by only acting on clearly defined signals that agree with the Forecast Model . I have also included some Notes below to read containing price levels to monitor . All of these price levels should be written down in a diary and we can cross check these levels as we move into the time cycle dates .

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